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VA Nexus LetterVA Disability Doctor

To get a nexus letter for veteran disability claims you will need a qualified physician to provide an independent medical opinion after a thorough exam. At Red Bridge, we have those qualified physicians.


VA Disability Doctor in Palm Beach County

If you have been hurt while on base, deployed or during any part of your service, it is important to seek medical attention right away. Even if it takes a day or two to feel the effects of the accident. At Red Bridge, our doctors have the ability to give you a thorough exam, independent medical opinion and if the exam permits, we can also provide the important nexus letter to take your claim to the next step in the process.


Do not wait, the sooner you call us the better chance you have to get your claim approved!

Why Red Bridge?

Red Bridge Family & Psychiatric Care is under the leadership of Dr. Presendieu who helps patients holistically by addressing Family Medicine, Psychiatry, & Bioceutical needs during the same visit. Unlike most practices that prioritize either Primary Care or Psychiatry or Bioceuticals, Red Bridge combines these three specialties. Also, Dr. Presendieu understands sophisticated behavioral or emotional disorders and complex medical conditions.

Multi-Specialty Expertise

Dr. Presendieu speaks English, Spanish, French, and Haitian Creole and board-certified in Psychiatry & Family. When it comes to Veteran Disability Claims, it is important to find a doctor with a comprehensive understanding of underlying issues from injuries. As a board certified psychiatrist, Dr. Presendieu can offer you help outside of your VA Disability claim as your mental health specialist. We can offer holistic options to help you with physical and mental health issues and give you a second chance to your healing journey.

Meet Our Doctor

Heden Presendieu, M.D. & DNP received his medical degree from Universite d’Etat d’Haiti School of Medicine. Graduated with honors from FIU (DNP, Post-Masters, MSN & BSN), he is board-certified in Psychiatry & Family. He is a recipient of numerous awards: BSN Louis Blanchard Scholarship, the MSN Health Foundation of South Florida Scholarship, the PhD LBR Scholarship, and nominated as top Practitioner in Lantana.