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Red Bridge Family Practice & PsychiatryIn Person & At Home Care

Red Bridge Family & Psychiatric Care is an innovative holistic care model. We provide care for children, adolescents, and adults. Unlike most practices that prioritize either Primary Care or Psychiatry Care, Red Bridge combines these two specialties. Each provider masters and understands sophisticated behavioral or emotional disorders and complex medical conditions.

Heden Presendieu, M.D. & DNP

Telehealth for Mental Health & Wellness

From the privacy of your own home, you can receive exceptional care from Red Bridge.

We offer at home (telehealth) psychiatry appointments for many types of mental health struggles.


We also offer in-office family practice appointments for a wide range of chronic illnesses, disorders and regular family wellness appointments. Some family practice patients will be eligible for follow up telehealth appointments however, your first appointment will be in-person to get established.


Our team has experience and expertise in treating complex mental health issues and primary care comorbidity (multiple conditions happening simultaneously with primary condition), as well as psycho social challenges. Whether you are seeking medication management or consultation, our interdisciplinary staff works collaboratively with referring providers and treating therapists to assess chronic medical conditions that may have psychiatric or psycho social factors.

Red Bridge is committed to empower patients to master their well-being by focusing on the holistic and integrative care. In addition, we offer Spanish, Creole or French Telehealth Appointments.


Most major insurance companies cover Telehealth appointments. If you are unsure about your coverage, give us a call with your insurance information and let us check to see if you are eligible for covered services.

Our Services

Primary Care ServicesMental Health Telehealth

Mental Health Services

You can get treatment at home for Depression, Trauma, Autism, Anxiety & Panic Disorder, Schizophrenia, OCD and more.

Family Medicine

We can treat diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, COPD, asthma, hyperthyroidism and more. Get established in-office and see if you qualify for telehealth follow-up appointments.

Behavioral & Emotional Disorders

We treat sophisticated mental health disorders in all age groups! We see many children with ADD/ADHD who's parents are looking for a more natural alternative to regular ADD/ADHD medication. You can find that here.

Bioceutical Needs - Pharmaceutical Alternatives

We address Family Medicine, Psychiatry, & Bioceutical needs during the same visit. Get physiological help, naturally.

VA Approved Disability Doctor

Red Bridge is step one in the disability process for veterans. If you were hurt while serving whether it during deployment or on the job at the base, you must be evaluated by a contracted physician with the VA. That is where Red Bridge is here to help.

Telehealth On Your Time

Red Bridge Family & Psychiatric Care is under the leadership of Dr. Presendieu who helps patients holistically by addressing Family Medicine, Psychiatry, & Bioceutical needs during the same visit.


When you are looking for a more holistic approach to your mental health, Dr. Presendieu understands sophisticated behavioral or emotional disorders and complex medical conditions while incorporating medication management outside the popularly prescribed pharmaceuticals.