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After your initial in-person appointment with Red Bridge a lot of patients are eligible to connect with our holistic doctor for follow-up appointments at home!

At Red Bridge, we focus on healing your body so you actually feel better. We offer alternative options and treatment for things like diabetes, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, COPD, asthma, heart disease and more. Along with new treatments, adding Bioceuticals can be highly effective alternatives to main stream pharmaceuticals and are naturally derived.


Primary Care Services

We want to offer you another option, a second opinion, a new hope! When you have been on the same medications or dealing with what seems like a medication guessing game until you feel better, we are here to help. Some of the common illnesses we help treat are:

Diabetes Telehealth Doctor

Between the unfair cost of diabetes medication and the “standardized” amount of medication prescribed, you may have been on a sugar roller coaster for some time now. It sometimes feels like your doctor is playing a guessing game with the type and amount of diabetic medication to prescribe from one patient to the next. We are all different and have different things changing our individual sugar levels day by day. That is where we come in. At Red Bridge, we offer a comprehensive plan to help you take control of your sugar and feel better with a holistic alternative from the comfort of your home *after initial in-person appointment.

Family Physician Specializing in Hypertension

Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Have you been searching for a better alternative to your prescription medication? At Red Bridge, we offer a holistic alternative to the traditional blood pressure medication route. We take a comprehensive look at all of the factors causing the problem and work to heal the root of the high blood pressure. Instead of trying to mask the issue with pharmaceuticals, we use Bioceuticals to heal. If you are interested in feeling better.

Congestive Heart Failure

When you have been taking pharmaceutical medications for heart failure and still suffer from shortness of breath, swollen legs and fatigue; why not try a new approach? You can set up an appointment with Red Bridge and receive an integrated health care plan with a focus on holistic healing all from the comfort of your home *after initial in-person appointment to establish new patient. You have nothing to lose by trying to give yourself a chance to heal and we can help you.

We offer Online Mental Health Appointments!

Did you know we can offer mental health appointments and a Bioceutical alternative plan all from the comfort of your home? Click View More to learn about our Mental Health Telehealth services.